9 November 2012

Travelling Tales - Part 13

We continued our trip in Utah with our good friends Sue & Steve and their family, staying with them for 3 days, just chilling out and enjoying being in a family home rather than a hotel. Unfortunately I didn't feel that well whilst we were there having a really bad headache which refused to shift.

Heading north now, the weather was much cooler and unsettled, but the scenery was wonderful, lots of wild flowers (I'll do a post later on the flora of the USA - I took so many pictures).

1 July - Jackson - our second visit here, managed to get my haircut - only 29 days left of our trip )-:

Got caught without our jackets or waterproofs!

2 July - Peter up early to call the shippers to arrange the return shipment of the bike.  All paperwork faxed to the hotel,completed and faxed back, insurance arranged then we were off to Yellowstone

Grand Tetons

Stopped for breakfast - this was the view from the restaurant

Our 26th state

More on Yellowstone next time...........


  1. Yellowstone is on my bucket list. I will look forward to more.

  2. Some of those views are absolutely gorgeous!


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