5 November 2012

Weekend Round Up

The 'boys' play Duplo on Friday - spot the potty, training in progress
Story time
Not sure what he was finding so funny, but the boy loves a pie!
Can I wear it here?
It all went down hill from this point
The boys were poorly, Rufus started off the day with a lay-in, unusual.  By mid morning he had come in from bonfire building asking to lay down or snug-up as he calls it.  Beck, Tim and Laurie arrived just before lunch, Laurie and Beck with colds too.  Rufus has only just got over chicken pox so I guess his system is below par. Peter also had a stuffy head and blocked nose, hoping his is just allergy
Granny I have a cold
Dosed up, we head out as soon as it was dark.  Rufus didn't stay out long.  He didn't like the fireworks so I took him into the barn to watch but he just hung on like a limpet and refused to look.  I think the fireworks were nice.  All the adults seemed to enjoy them.  We spent a pleasant evening with Stu's parents Jan & John and in laws Anne & Pat.  Thanks everyone for the contribution of food/wine and fireworks

Beck was up for about 1.5 hours during Sat/Sun night with Rufus, (I was awake too - Beck has a very annoying cough!), Peter it turns out was wearing earplugs and slept through it all!! Rufus woke late with a raging temperature which we managed to get down with some Calpol and plenty of drinks.  Its amazing how they bounce back, but it scary seeing the thermometer flashing red.  Laurie was just very snotty - bless him, he tried so hard to be smiley

Beck ventured home in 'monsoon like' conditions once the boys were a bit happier and we spent the rest of the day 'holed up' in the barn reading and knitting

Some matching mitts for Laurie's hats
Poppy for Rachel
got the pattern a few years ago - donation to the Poppy Appeal

So that was our weekend.  What are the chances of me getting this cold in time to go to Southwold?  Lets face it I've had one the last few times we've been.

Rufus feeling much better today. Beck feeling awful, though I should imagine a good nights sleep would see her right


  1. Sorry the boys have been sick. I hope you are fully recovered from your bang on the head.

    The fire is impressive! Really pretty.

  2. Poor boys and all. No fun to be feeling crumy. I vote on a do over.

  3. Even while sick, they still look like a handful! I'm glad that you had yet another exciting weekend. I love the mittens, they are adorable.

  4. Aww I hope they feel better! I really love the picture with the cat coming up beside the baby. I can't handle kids and animals all in one place :)


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