7 November 2012

WIP Wednesday again

Here we are, the first Wednesday in November, where has the year gone?  We had the first mild frost on Saturday and a sharp frost yesterday, the shame was yesterday turned to rain after a promising start.

My WIP's this week are -

Lady Kina, is still as it was 2 weeks ago, oh the shame, but as this is for me I feel I can leave it for a while.

Two gifts in progress - the first is the Childry Shawl knitted with Zettl Cortina - 75% super wash wool/25% polymide.  This is a very easy knit, I learned a new cast-on - backward loop, very easy and stretchy and ideal for 'cast on type' buttonholes I found.

The Oliver jumper knitted in King Cole Big Value yarn

Not much reading has been done - still working my way through the Miss Reads, but with a holiday coming up I hope to get plenty of reading and knitting done. For more WIPs go to Tamis or Ginny's 


  1. You managed to knit a whole sweater for yourself! Even if you never get to the finishing that is major from my world view! The shawl looks pretty and I love it when a pattern teaches some little way to do things different hopefully better.

  2. All three are gorgeous! Great color choices

  3. That is an amazing blue!

  4. Oh yes, I love your view of the roofs! And your projects are beautyful. I hope you can find enough time for finishing. Have a good week!

  5. You've been working on more gifts? You are so disciplined! Although I suppose fun patterns and soft yarn choices doesn't make it so bad. You are definitely going to be ready for the holidays!

  6. Such a beautiful palette of fall colours in your Childry. Looks scrumptious!

  7. It always makes me feel better when I see other knitters with multiple projects on the go. If those gifts are for Christmas it looks like you are on track to get them finished in time!


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