20 November 2012

WIP'less for a short while

As mentioned previously, I managed to get lots of knitting done whilst away last week.  I took my 3 WIP's and also yarn in case I needed to start another project.  I am pleased to report I finished all my WIP's.

The first was my Lady Kina which has been around for a while.  I am happy how this turned out and wore it to work yesterday with a black skirt, top and boots.  I am so pleased I made this with the 3/4 sleeves.  It only took a small amount extra yarn.  I used Click Aran with Wool

Next along was the Childry Shawl which I knitted in Zettl Cortina.  As this is a 3ply/light fingering yarn it came up slightly smaller than it should, so more a shawlette.  It can still be worn around the shoulders and fasten with a shawl pin or worn 'bib style' in the neck of a coat or jacket

Then a couple of jumpers, I won't show until after they have been received but here's a peek

As you can imagine I was pleased to come home free to start the next items on my list. Last night I cast on Baby Eyelet Cardi a simple top down cardigan which I am doing in King Cole Big Value.  This is the first in a number of cardigans that I am knitting for a friend who is to become a granny for the second time in February.  I have a pile of yarn and patterns to go through and decide what looks OK for a baby which we don't know the gender of.

I have also been asked to knit a Christmas jumper for my youngest, would you believe she wants a Christmas Pudding jumper!!


  1. All of your projects came out great, but I especially love the shape of that first cardigan. For a stockinette sweater, the detailing on top to give it some shape really brings the whole garment together. It's also a perfect and tasteful use of variegated yarn.

  2. Great stuff! I can imagine the sweater over the black top and skirt. Bet it looked wonderful. I also really like the ruffle on the shawlette.

  3. You have had a lot of color in your projects lately, that must be fun! Everything looks wonderful as always, and I'm envious that you were able to finish all of your WIPs!

  4. You have been busy! The Lady Kina looks lovely, I'm sure it looks great on too!

  5. I always seem to be wipless on Wednesdays too! So I end up showing what's FO'd. Since I have been making tons of hats lately, it's easy tohave FO's all over the place. Love the sweater!!! That baby sweater is too cute, must mark that pattern.

  6. What lovely FOs! I've had the Kina pattern for some time but never get around to making it, but yours is enticing. Also love that shawl(ette) - gorgeous!

  7. So much satisfaction to finish so many projects! Love that first sweater especially.


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