3 December 2012

Chilly Sunday

 We had a busy day yesterday, or so it seemed. First job of the day was to make my Christmas Puddings - 8 hours to cook.  I oven steam, so much easier and no steamed up kitchen. 

Then a walk, nearly a wade in places, lots of flooding but our side of the country fared so much better than most. Then preparing dinner for four, Jamie Olivers' Slow Roast Lamb and Beans, followed by knitting - one  surprise WIP completed and another well underway and lastly a night cap.

1st photo - Peter making a wish. Last photo - after 8 hours cooking
Slow Roast Lamb over Beans

Frosty start, in fact the side of the garden in the shade stayed frozen all day
Flooded fields
Hot chocolate laced with Bailey's - you have to take a warm drink
Flooded pathways
Christmas Pudding vest for Rachel - finished just as she walked through the door.!
Current WIP - back completed, front started
Homemade Plum Vodka - just the right thing for a cold evening


  1. What a great Christmas Pudding sweater! The real puddings look yummy. I have always wanted to try making them, but have never managed to be organized enough.

  2. I NEED a Christmas pudding sweater! Did you improvise the pattern or use one that is available somewhere?

  3. Okay, now it's official, you are having too much fun. Between the amazing drinks (oh how I missing being able to drink alcohol!) and that fantastic sweater, it looks like you are going to have a great December!

  4. Plum vodka. I must try this. I looooove infused vodkas.

  5. Well, you don't get a chance to get bored, do you? What a wonderful day, doing many good things with your family. Just continue to enjoy.


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