10 December 2012

Flying off the needles

This weekend I am so pleased with what I have achieved. The red cardigan is finished and another sweater is well on the way.  That's what I love about knitting little things

This cardigan is 'Lucy' from Paton's Nursery Days - knitted in King Cole Haze.  It is acrylic but so soft with a slight fuzz.

Then I cast on Design G sweater from Sirdar Trendy Tots 4 - knitted in Sirdar Denim Tweed DK.  This will have a little collar so more of a rugby shirt style.

Nothing like knitting with a cup of tea in bone china
All achieved yesterday afternoon and evening
I have just been to give blood, so I am supposed to spend a quiet afternoon.  I really need to get my Christmas cards written so I guess that's a quiet job and something to cross off my list......


  1. I cannot tell you how jealous I am over your finished objects.Everything I'm working on these days is in a stage of limbo. Also, your teacup and saucer are AMAZING. LOVE the pattern.

  2. Fabulous projects as always. the label caught my attention...I have been wanting to get some of those.
    Rest well!

  3. That second photo is lovely, it makes me relaxed just seeing the yarn and the tea, as well as the fact that it is perfectly framed. I also love that you have tags for your knits, very professional.

  4. The little red cardigan is just gorgeous. I quite like the rugby sweater too. It is nice when little garments knit up so quickly isnt it. I find it quite enjoyable to knit for my nephews and soon to be niece and nephew!

  5. I wish I had your talent. Your projects are always so wonderful. The red sweater will be perfect for a Christmas Day photo!


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