26 December 2012

Our Christmas in pictures

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We did, and here are a few photos.  Enjoy

Christmas Eve morning - wearing his new Gruffalo dressing gown, a present from Auntie Lauren
Christmas Eve - Do you like my hat?
Christmas Eve - leaving food for the reindeer and puzzling with Auntie Rachel
Opening a Christmas Eve present  - new PJ's
Christmas Eve bedtime - No caption needed here - just too precious
Christmas morning - He's been!! Actually wasn't too early!
At this point I think Rufus would have been happy that this is what Father Christmas was bringing. We managed to get up, shower, breakfast and then into the barn for the rest of the presents..............

Just a few for Rufus!
For me? - Not sure why he was wearing wellies

Pop's you do it like this
I love this photo

Granny cuddles
Move over Jamie!!

All got too much
Finally everything was open
Laurie and Great Grandma
Wonder what he's thinking?

And then they were gone; to spend the rest of their Christmas Day with Tim's Mum.... it was very quiet.  Peter and Rachel cooked an amazing Christmas lunch. Anne, Pat and myself polished off a very good pre-lunch port.  We really should have cleared the empty away.

Mother and Son - they were going through old photos and postcards
All got a bit much for Rachel too - post lunch nap
Pat reading war time postcards 
My Christmas reading - I now have no excuse 2013 will be crochet year
Love a puzzle - this is how Rachel and I spent our evening  
So there you have it, our Christmas.  Today in the UK is Boxing Day - in our house it means a long walk, with sausage rolls, mince pies and a warming beverage (usually alcohol laced).  Then home for left overs - cold chicken, ham, and chips (fries). I only cook these twice a year - hate the smell in the house, not yet found an extractor system that will rid you of the smell, in fact I have been known to cook them outside on the patio weather permitting!!


  1. Wonderful all around. Merry Christmas to all your family!

  2. What wonderful pictures (as usual). Your Christmas obviously was very special, and I am glad that you all had a good time. Thank you for sharing your special moments with us. xx

  3. Looks beautiful! Merry Christmas! :)


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