1 December 2012

When's a fair not a fair?

Today was the annual Mill Road Winter Fair.  If you remember we went last year and Rufus loved it. This year it just wasn't working for him.  He understands the word "fair" to mean a place with mechanical rides now, so you can imagine his disappointment.  He was right stroppy to the point that he would have none of it, and wanted to go home.  It was bitterly cold and damp which didn't help!  Anyway the rest of us tried to enjoy it, there was plenty of good things to eat.  Laurie slept through it all. Unfortunately, Rachel is poorly so didn't come, she was greatly missed.   So these photographs are for her.

Peter and I decided to stay in town for a while - we should have done some Christmas shopping but just couldn't be bothered. So we just wandered about for a bit and then went for a pint.

Tribute to Snowy
Market Square
Carol singers
Rose Crescent
Great St Mary's
Senate House & Market Hill
River Cam from Magdalene Bridge


Never too cold for punting!!

This morning being the 1 December we gave Rufus his Advent Calendar - of course he wanted to open all the doors.  At the moment Rufus is "off" having his photograph taken so this is it I'm afraid, he just won't look at the camera


  1. Skip the shopping and head for a pint, Perfect. What a fun looking fair. So wonderful for you to blog about these events so we all get to enjoy.

  2. Poor Rufus; he seems to be going through a bit of a phase. I'm sorry he didn't enjoy the fair. It looked so colorful and fun. I do wonder about the girl in the kilt dancing with heels on though. All the others seemed to have on sensible shoes. (My noticing this makes me sound like such an old lady.) The city scenes are wonderful. Thanks for taking us along!

  3. Woah! With all of that craziness I have no idea how anyone could not have a blast there (I actually really want to go myself now!), but we all have our off days, according to my parents I certainly did when I was his age. Wonderful photos as always!

  4. Wow, the parade aspect of the fair looks amazing! And, your photographs are beautiful!

  5. Wow, these pictures are awesome! I've never been to a fair where everyone went all out like that. Amazing!

  6. It's good to see such community spirit where everyone joins in to have a good time while at the same time bringing pleasure to others. Sorry that Rufus wasn't happy but hopefully the colours and the music cheered him up. Sorry also that Rachel was poorly. Hope she is OK now.

    Although he wouldn't look at the camera, Rufus did appear to be enjoying his advent calendar, even if he wasn't allowed to open all the doors.

    I always admire you for the quality time you give to and for your family and are so willing to share your joy with us all.


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