25 February 2013

A weekend of knitting

How was your weekend?  I spent mine doing what I enjoy the most knitting.  It was cold, too cold for gardening, so apart from a quick visit to catch up with some relations and a grocery shop on Saturday, and a brisk walk on Sunday the rest of the weekend was spent tucked up on the sofa in the garden room.  Hubby supplied drinks and even cooked dinner on Saturday.

I achieved lots.  Firstly I finished and blocked the Childry Shawl.  I thought it would be a good idea to do a picot edge on the cast off.  I must have been mad!  Picot on 625 stitches, so that's cast on 2 cast of 5, took me about 1.5 hrs as I needed breaks for my aching wrists.  I think the end result was worth it though.

I then worked on the Ten Stitch - once I have completed the last side in the pale blue mix it will measure 50" square, so I think one more round in a dark blue mix should just about do it.

Then as I had 80 grams of the King Cole Riot left from the shawl and a copy of the Baktus Scarf pattern handy I cast that on too.  This will be an "as and when" project.  I decided not to knit into the back of the yarn over, thus giving me a hole pattern down the edge.  I have lots more of this yarn so will see how far I get with thew started ball.  I love the colour of this yarn, I just wish it didn't split so much.


  1. Busy Girl. Cuddled up in the garden room with knitting and the beloved bringing you drinks sounds blissful.

  2. Love that edging........am garter stitching a blanket for my forthcoming grandchild...and had been thinking about a similar edging........but may well give it a miss now!!
    My hands ache as it is lol
    love that square piece......what is to be? It would make a yummy rug that pattern

  3. Your shawl is beautiful! I really like the ruffles and picots on the edge. Your blanket is nice, too. I plan to learn how to do that ten stitch some day.

  4. The ten stitch worked up so quickly! Is this the first one or the second one for the boys? The shawl is gorgeous, be sure to show it off. It is wonderful to hear from you, I love the blog redecorate!

  5. What a beautiful shawl! Lovely colors and it look so cozy, too. Fabulous job!

  6. It's all looking good. The shawl is beautiful and I agree with you that the picot edge was well worth the time, trouble and aching wrists.


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