11 February 2013

On the mend

This week I am happy to report I am feeling so much better.  I still have ringing in my ears but no nausea and just occasional dizziness.  I am waiting for a call from the doctor to decide if I can go back to work tomorrow. Thank you for all the kind comments and good wishes, it was very much appreciated.

Thankfully by Thursday afternoon I was able to undertake small amounts of knitting and by the weekend I was back to my normal output, phew panicked me there!!

I have finished the 2 Smockies  and I am very pleased with how they turned out

We spent some time with the boys over the weekend

Granny you need some makeup on!!

don't you want to pinch those chubby thighs?
I spent some time working on the Ten Stitch, and have decided what colour the next round will be

Having struggled with my long needles on this blanket, I asked hubby, any chance you could cut these down for me?  5 minutes later he was back with the perfect length needles.  I now ask myself why didn't I ask before?

We have a cold, wet, grey day here today, odd snow showers which hopefully won't develop into anything long term, I am so over winter........


  1. Glad you are on the mend. Just have to love Laurie and his cupcake liners. Too Cute!

  2. Looks like a fun weekend. Glad you are feeling better.


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