18 February 2013

Shelley Bay and pots of sunshine

I completed Shelley Bay and am very pleased with the end result.  The buttons were from the charity shop just a few pence each.  The yarn was from a friend, so I think the total cost of this cardigan was around £3 and I still have the pattern to knit again and again.

I love daffodils and these are particularly lovely, they smell good too. One vase in the dining room the other in the scullery.  They certainly brighten the place up.

We managed to get out in the garden yesterday.  Peter completed the boarding of the wood store and I cleared the drive and borders of weeds.  I now need a month of good weather to tackle the back garden, its a mess!!  I have prepared 4 meals for this week so that I can go out after work if the weather stays nice.


  1. I know someone who Loves daffodils.

  2. Oh, the sweater is darling! And the daffodils leave me wishing it was spring. :-D

  3. The sweater is so cute. Your daffodils remind me of spring!

  4. how beautiful, i love how those red and blue specks patterned up in that little cardi.

  5. Your Shelley Bay looks great! Great to see it in a variegated yarn too!

    Daffodils, uh oh, that means our summer is nearly over :(

  6. The sweater is beautiful and you know I have a special place in my heart for Daffodils.


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