13 February 2013

Wednesday's new WIP

First some food....

I just made this tart - Goats cheese, red onion & sun dried tomato.  I wish you could smell my kitchen right now.  I will have some of this with salad for my dinner.

I have a new WIP this week.

Its Shelley Bay by Sarah Ronchetti, you can find her on the Ravelry Group - Sezza Knits or on her blog.  She is currently doing a KAL for this pattern, so I decided to join in.  The yarn is some I was given recently - Chevy Aran - 50% wool and 50% nylon, not a yarn I know but it seems to be knitting up OK.

One thing I have noticed however is that I have actually got my front mixed up, so the pattern on my cardigan will be leaning the other way!  I'm certainly not going to rip it back and change it now.  That will teach me to read the pattern properly, I know exactly what I've done wrong.  I'm sure Sarah will forgive me


  1. I can almost smell your tart here in Canada!

    I love Sezza Knit's patterns! They will be some of the first I cast on when a grandchild arrives. :-)

  2. Interesting pattern and a cheerful yarn. The tart looks very gourmet!

  3. I wish I had been at yours for lunch. The tart looks so appetising and the picture so clear I could almost smell it.

    The yarn is lovely and so is the pattern. Looking forward to following your progress.

    Glad you are feeling better - and are able to knit. xx

  4. Oh my...that tart does look so good. Perfect for this day.
    As always, your knits are so lovely. I am in the mood for a KAL. More fun than going it alone, but I always find out about these things way too late.

  5. Its really cute. The yarn is perfect for it.

  6. Oh that tart looks delicious! YUM! Lol at me forgiving you, as if that is even necessary! :)


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