31 March 2013

Happy Easter everyone

Did you remember to put your clocks forward in the UK? Looking forward to the lighter evenings? I know I am.

The perfect combination for this weekend is knitting and cake.  I still have my head cold, though feeling heaps better than Thurs/Fri so its just as well the weather has been rough as I've not felt like being out in the garden.  Peter did get the grass cut yesterday afternoon during a sunny spell and assures me we are trimming hedges today! Looks too cold out there right now.  We keep getting the odd snow flurries, this was one brewing yesterday whilst we were in town. Luckily we were in cafe Nero at the time (photo shot through glass).

Dark skies over the Senate House - Cambridge
I had a whim to make a Simnel Cake after watching Mary Berry on TV the other evening, so here is my effort.  I didn't have enough marzipan to complete the decoration as I'd eaten a quarter of the packet already.  This won't win prizes for its decoration but hopefully will taste good. Its also supposed to be round but I only had an 8" square tin.

As mentioned the other week I have started the Frilled Dress.  This is the back ruffle section, very interesting construction.  Yarn as on the link.

Whilst at knitting group recently I was given a part knitted child's sweater and a ball of yarn and asked if I could finish it.  Always up for a challenge (no pattern) I thought I would give it a go.  On closer inspection the ball of yarn given was an Aran weight whilst the sweater was DK, so wouldn't do.  I trawled through my stash of white yarn, picked out what I hoped would match but after a few rows it was clear that it was the wrong shade of white. What to do?  Frog it and knit something else, which is what I ended up doing and here is the result,  all that's left is a small amount of the pale pink yarn.  These will go in the charity bag at Medway Craft Group.  Patterns are Sublime - Rosy Posy Hat and Sugar Plum Cardi

That's it for today hubby is awake and wants a cup of tea. Enjoy the rest of your Easter and stay warm.


  1. Even with a cold you are always busy and doing something constructive. Just love the cardi and the hat, and the frilled dress is looking divine.

    Who cares what shape the cake should be - it's what it tastes like that matters!! Just love your decoration.

    In spite of the cold, now that our hoggie is up and about and finding the food Dave puts out for him every night he has become a regular visitor over the past week or so.

  2. Happy Easter! I hope you got a bit of sunshine today. It sounds like your weather has been nothing but dreadful. We happen to be enjoying an unusual warm spell here. Today and tomorrow it is supposed to be 20C (about 72F). I had never heard of a Simnel cake before. Is it something meant just for Easter?

  3. That cake looks delicious, I'll have to try one next year! Also, that dress is brilliant, I absolutely love the pattern.

  4. Such pretty knitty bits youve made!
    We had a bright, sunny day up here in Yorkshire, quite a treat!
    Simnel cake is a tasty part of easter too right, love the chicks you made for it.

  5. I think your cake is darling, and I'll bet it was delicious! I love the construction of the ruffle dress, it is just too cute! Hopefully you'll figure out what to do with that project that was handed off to you.

  6. Happy Easter! The frilled dress is going to be very special.

  7. I have a problem with Husband eating the marzipan in the cupboard, so that when I take it out to use it the packet is mysteriously half empty. I think you'd get on...

    1. I see you live in Cambridgeshire, me too, perhaps we are neighbours?


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