24 March 2013

How quiet it is when he's gone

Just back from dropping Rufus home from his weekend with us.  The house seems very quiet, just me and hubby.  We had a great time, tired I won't lie there, but he is so much fun.  The weather helped too.

We had light snow all day Saturday, just wet and miserable. After Friday I thought the boxes would be redundant, but  they spent the whole of Saturday afternoon playing with them.

Pops became a climbing frame....

Snow started in earnest around 5pm and started to settle even though everywhere was very wet. We woke to this

 Auntie Rachel came for breakfast and had to take a turn in the box

We then went out into the snow

 We were out for about 40 minutes then came in for a warm up and dry clothes.  Chill out time under the finished orange blanket, watching Winnie the Pooh

Then it was time to take him home as we were invited for Sunday lunch.  Rebecca and Laurie are both full of colds, but Laurie could still manage a few smiles.

So here we are just us two and a weekend full of photographs (around 300 of them) to look through.  I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as we did.


  1. What a PERFECT weekend. Boxes, best buddies, Beautiful baby, and an orange blanket for snuggling. Pure happiness.

  2. Looks like Rufus had a great time, and the older "boy" too. The blanket turned out so nice! Your snow is pretty, but I imagine, like me, you'd rather have spring now.

  3. What happy kids they are! and their grands are not so bad, either. Do you ever get INTO a photograph, I wonder? please do. I would like to see you crammed into that box....

  4. Boys will be boys - whatever their age. Great to see Rufus and grandad playing so well together. Thought you would end up out in the snow. Good fun when you are young. The ten-stitch has turned out well. So glad you all had a great weekend.

  5. I'm a bit late but these are just the most adorable photos. Wish there were photos of you and the boys but alas someone has to hold the camera (smile). I love the smile on Rufus, holding the stuffed elephant watching Winnie the Pooh was it?


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