13 March 2013

Its done

Another quick post today as I finished sewing up the cardigan ready for tomorrow.  I'm pretty pleased with this and the reception it got from hubby as very pleasing also.  So without further ado


  1. very sweet! especially the little button.

  2. That is absolutely darling. What an intricate pattern.

  3. Love it Sue it's so pretty. The colour combination is perfect :)

    1. thanks Tracy, I have had so many lovely comments on here, Facebook and Ravelry. Think this is one to knit again

  4. Glad you got this finished in time. I just love the little brooch. It really finishes off the garment.

  5. Love the flower, it just adds to the cuteness! It will be well received by the baby's momma too!

  6. Wow!! How pretty! I love the little flower. This little touch of color makes a great addition!


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