25 April 2013

Quiet times

Things seem to be a bit quiet around Granny's World at present.  

Not a lot to say or show.

Knitting goes on a pace, but as its a surprise there is nothing to show you for now.  Nothing done on the ten stitch for Laurie or frilled dress for a while, they languish in their respective bags.  I have a bag of yarn and patterns set aside for cardigans to start for little Miss Lucy, a request from her Mummy.

So what is going on in Granny's World this weekend?

Tomorrow kicks off with a birthday for Rebecca.

Followed closely by the wedding of Miss Chloe Harvey to Mr Liam Davison.  -
updated to include link with photos
I hope you have a wonderful day and an equally wonderful life together. 
I will be armed with my camera so pictures to follow.

Saturday I predict to be a quiet day!

Sunday is the birthday of our Rachel
We plan lunch out but to where I do not know as yet.

So there you have it, a weekend all mapped out.  I hope whatever you are doing you have a great time

PS: not sure why there are 2 x pics on Rachel's birthday as I can't see it to remove it!!


  1. Have a lovely weekend - let's hope for SUNSHINE!!

  2. I hope you have a great weekend, Sue. It sounds like you some happy events to enjoy.

  3. Happy Birthday, Rebecca! I hope you have a wonderful day. xx


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