1 April 2013

Soon its over

How can 4 days go so fast?  The Easter holiday has just a few hours left, then sleep and back to work. What did you do with your weekend?

After a leisurely Saturday afternoon (for me) - Peter had cut the grass leaving me feeling somewhat guilty with my knitting - it was all systems go on Sunday.  Wrapped up warm we ventured out,  hedges were trimmed - Peter cut, I cleared, a good job was done.  The garden looks heaps better already, and just leaves the borders to be tidied and edged. We even saw the sun for a bit too.

Today - Monday we met Rachel and Stu in town for coffee prior to Rachel's departure for New Zealand, she's off to meet up with her friend Claire, I hope they have a wonderful time.  Its had been cold and grey here until around 5pm when all of a sudden the sun came out - better late than never.  Whilst having dinner we decided that we couldn't let the day come to an end without going out into the sunshine, so armed with my camera we hit the lakes walk. I just love the sunset over the lakes

I got the Baktus Scarf finished today, its warm and cosy I wore it on our walk.

So there you have it, our Easter.  By the way, the cake was a bit dry at the edge, not such a good idea cooking it in a square tin without adjusting the cooking time, oh well never mind you live and learn


  1. Gorgeous photos as always! It is amazing all that you can see on a walk. I'm envious of the four day weekend, we didn't get any official time off but some people did ask for Friday. The shawl is very pretty, I'm sure it kept you very warm during the walk!

  2. Beautiful pictures Sue! I love that portrait of Peter and the sunset.

  3. You always make the best use of your time and find time for your hubby, family, garden and knitting. I don't know how you manage it, especially when you work too.

    Such beautiful photographs.

    My Easter Monday was spent frozen solid helping to run a stall for the community group at a local Easter egg hunt.


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