19 July 2013

Cherry ripe

Hubby came home with a whole load of cherries which he had picked during his lunch break on Wednesday, I wish you could have seen how we looked once we had sat and pitted them all - never thought to get the camera out at that point.  Luckily we wore gloves and the spots have come off the clothing!  We made cherry jam and sweet pickled cherries.  Here is the jam in production

and the finished product, its a lot of work for 4 jars.

and because its a similar colour the finished hat

More cherries arrived yesterday they are destined to be more sweet pickle.

We have another glorious morning, which promises to be another lovely day.  The boys are coming for the weekend.  We plan to take them to the Swavesey Steam Rally  tomorrow,  hoping that it won't be too hot for them as there isn't any shade.  I hurt my back at work on Tuesday and have been suffering since, though a combination of Voltarol and pain killers seems to be working had a good nights restful sleep (it was cooler too), so as long as Laurie doesn't need too much picking up I should be ok - daughter is staying until other daughter or husband gets home.

Have a great weekend, enjoy the sun, in this country you never know how long it will last!


  1. Ohh yum to fresh cherry jam! Your hat is so sweet. I hope your back starts feeling better soon, so hard to have a sore back!

  2. Cute hat! Our cherries get eaten, bowl after bowl, pretty much as soon as they come into the house. Around here we can only get good cherries for a week or two, so we make the most of it! Ah well, it'll be peaches soon enough :) Hope your back feels better soon!

  3. Uhm yummy, now I got a craving for cherries.
    What an adorable hat, I really like the color.

  4. Yum! That looks delicious. Have a nice weekend!

  5. Cherries are so much work to make into jams and other things, but worth the effort in the end. Enjoy the finished product!

    Sorry to hear you hurt your back - I hope you make a quick recovery.


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