29 July 2013

Party Time

As mentioned on Friday, Laurie had his first birthday and on Sunday we had his birthday/naming party. Friday and Saturday were spent shopping and cooking, Rufus and his Daddy were camping so it was just us girls with Laurie and Pops.

Sunday morning we discovered that Rebecca had been up all night with a stomach bug, she was in a bit of a state, still being sick.  Quick phone calls to the campers trying to decide what to do.  The decision was to go ahead without Rebecca as friends had journeyed up to Cambridge over the weekend.  I have never known a morning go so quickly, time was not our friend.  Tim and Rufus came and took over Laurie whilst Rachel, myself and Peter made a start on getting things setup.  Tim's mum turned up early to help out with the boys and by 11:15 I was still whipping cream, in a frantic state.  Words were had and I apologise to anyone that came across the edge of my tongue!!

By 11:30 all was done, quick change and you'd never know there had been a panic.  By this time Rebecca had stopped being sick and made the decision to get up and have a shower to put in an appearance after the food, do her 'bit', then go back to bed.  Everyone was understanding, and I think had a good time.  The birthday boy certainly seemed to enjoy himself and the bouncy castle was a huge hit.  Our garden is just made for parties when the weather is kind.

Great grandparents

Nana and Laurie

The Jones Family

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The birthday boy

My brother Andy and niece Lucy

Lucy & Laurie

Thank you all for coming and making it such a special day.  Its just a shame that the hostess missed it all, so much work had gone into the planning but I hope that we did her proud.

NB: Rachel popped in this evening and thinks she may have pinpointed what made Rebecca ill.  A fish burger on Friday lunchtime is looking to be a culprit as she commented at the time that it wasn't very hot.


  1. Looks like a wonderful summer party, what a shame that Rebecca was sick, I hope she is feeling better now.

  2. Oh No, Poor Beck. I hope things are better.
    Quite a nice spread. Looks like a nice time had by all. Such a handsome birthday boy.
    I like all the little ones and their hats and R's shirt is too cute.

  3. Happy Birthday to Laurie, and get well wishes for Rebecca. The bouncy castle was a great idea! You mentioned at the beginning of the post it was a birthday/naming party. I'm not familiar with the idea of a naming party. Is that a British custom?

  4. What a fun party! Laurie is lucky to have so many people ready to celebrate him!


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