21 July 2013

Perfect pair

This weekend Rufus and Laurie came to stay.  Not unusual I hear you say, but this is the first time that Laurie has stayed without his mummy being around.  So how did it go?  Very well, yes we are tired, I won't deny that.  But we had such a good time.  

Friday was beautiful and hot.  Rebecca dropped them off and stayed for lunch, but left early afternoon, when Rachel arrived. I needed a bit of help till Peter got home with the lifting, as my back was still paining me.  As you can see they had fun.  Rufus had fun with the water!

Peter put one of the tents up for the boys to play in, Rufus was very handy putting in the stakes.

Saturday started at 5:30am...... still you get lots done. We had breakfast, paid a visit to Great Grandma, made a picnic, then headed to the Steam Rally.  Unfortunately, the day was very overcast and at time chilly but dry, such a contrast from Friday. To say Rufus is interested in tractors and engines would be an understatement, he was so engrossed.  Laurie was more interested in the picnic and the cars in the car park on the way home.  It was great to have this hosted in our village, though the increased traffic past the house has been fairly constant.  The boys did however sleep through the steam engines going through yesterday evening, it seemed they managed to hoot just outside the house!  Also setting off the alarm in the property across the street!

So on to today.  Yes, another early start, 5:30am again, their mother was exactly the same. We needed to make the most of them as they were being collected around 10am - party to go to.  Bit more time spent in the tent, searching for wolves in the bottom of the garden??!!, tractors, playhouse and chilling in the hammock chair

It was fun, our son-in-law commented on the fact that we didn't look as tired as he'd expected!  Not sure how to take that, is he thinking we can't hack it? The house in now tidy, washing and ironing done, car cleaned and Harley washed and polished, just in time for the sun to come out...........


  1. What a FANTASTIC time! Boys (of all ages) sure do love water and engines. I might just know a wee bit about that. So fun to see your little men interacting with one another.

    Is you back feeling well enough for a ride on that nice clean bike?

  2. What lovely pictures. Your guys look like they had a grand time with you. What little boy wouldn't love visiting you! Water, slides, tents, tractors, food and a lot of love!


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