8 July 2013

Weekend.... what a weekend

My weekend started with a trip up to Stamford to spend the day with the boys.  With the summer finally here Rebecca and I spent the morning at Burghley's Gardens of Surprises.

Then playing in  the garden after nap time

Rebecca's neighbour Martin is part of the Red Arrows Team, and she got a call from his wife to say that they would be passing over the house at 4:47pm on their way back to base, so we made sure we we watching the sky for our own private flypast, complete with white smoke.  How cool was that?

Saturday was a day of odd jobs, cool drinks and knitting in the shade.  Here is some of what I have been working on over the past week.  See you get lots done when you have no internet connection!

Now on to Sunday.  Exciting day, not only did Andy Murray win Wimbledon (thanks Tim for the blow by blow commentary), but we went to see Michael Buble at the O2 with the girls. I can't tell you how great it was.  So I will let the smiling faces say it all. Bonus for the girls was that Bryan Adams came on for the encore....... only downer on the day was the nearly 2 hour wait to get out of the car park.

Do you think someone is excited?
Shame the light got in to this one
The girls!
Merchandise stand

Thank you Peter for driving us, but I know you enjoyed it too! xx


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful and very busy weekend! Much more exciting than the way I spent mine - sorting, sifting and packing. :-)

  2. Wow! what a weekend. I love that look of that garden of surprises! And as for the concert - fantastic!
    The cardigan is my very favourite bit of your new knitting. It's absolutely gorgeous.

  3. You always seem to fit a week worth of fun into your weekends! The adventure park looks like a wonderful place for the little ones to explore!

  4. So pleased you all had such a wonderful, active, happy, fun and full family weekend. Something for everyone. Weekends like this - and your knitting and gardening - must be what keep you young. (This is meant as a compliment.)


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