14 August 2013

Hump day

Wednesday again, where do the weeks go?  I have progressed well this week with my WIPs, the car seat blanket is completed.

The long top for Rachel which I am now calling shades of grey is just being decreased for armholes, the end of the back is insight.  I hope she likes it after all these boring rows of stocking stitch.  It was actually a delight to get to the middle ribbing!

The next WIP is what I call my, "when I have a spare minute" hat, its more or less done so not really a WIP

Now the following WIP is actually my husband's. This year he is trying to beat the squirrels to his walnuts, so decided to have a go at pickling some.  You have to judge them right before the shell begins to form inside. They have been soaking in brine for the last 2 weeks, and have been drying off since Sunday, this is the stage they are at now.  Tonight they get put in jars and pickled.  He says they are nice, I'll let you know when they are at the stage to eat.

and because the garden looked lovely this morning.......


  1. The knitting and garden look very nice, but I have to say those pickled walnuts look a bit sketchy to me. :-)

  2. Hello

    Found you through Yarn Along.
    Lovely knitting and beautiful photographs!

  3. I'm with Meggie- your blog and images are lovely.

  4. I know rows of stockinette stitch can get boring but I like to keep one project in the works that is simple like that so I can knit it on long car rides. Your garden looks so inviting!

  5. Thank you for the beautiful pictures! I envy your garden deeply.

  6. Oh, your garden is divine! Have you ever tried naturally dyeing yarn with some of your flowers? It looks like you have a rainbow of skeins in there! I like your hat, speaking of colors. Very happy looking. As for the pickled walnuts... They don't look as happy. LOL Hope they are tasty!


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