30 September 2013

Twice the fun

This weekend Peter and I have had fun spending time with our little boys.  Mummy & Daddy Jones had a much needed weekend to rest and recuperate.  Having two little boys is fun but I will confess tiring.

So what did we do?  Firstly the weather was lovely all weekend so much of the time was spent outdoors.

I had finished Rufus' scarf so here he is modelling it.  48" was a perfect length, enough to wrap round nicely but not too long.  Though he did decide it would be good to whip his brother with!  Not what I planned.

We went blackberry picking.  I have to say little boys get bored before there are enough for jam, so I will need to go out again.  All Laurie wanted was to eat them.

pick quicker Granny!

Saturday we had planned to take them to the Gransden Show.  Unfortunately Laurie was very poorly in the car halfway there.  Just how much sick can come out of one small child?  Luckily we were able to pull into Morrisons car park, where I commenced the clean up operation.  Peter doesn't do sick, so amused Rufus! Once I got Laurie cleaned up and settled into his buggy I then tackled the back of the car.  Not fun, but with a whole packet of wipes and I was able to clean up.  After a discussion with his Mummy we decided to carry on, but once back in the car he started to grizzle again so I said to just take us home and then Peter and Rufus could go without us.  Halfway back he started to be sick again!!!  We got back, I bathed Laurie and Peter had cleaned up, but by this time Rufus decided that actually he would rather stay home and play.

and this was Laurie an hour after we got back, quite happy and he tucked into a slice of plain bread, had his normal nap then played all afternoon.  So maybe just carsick or just feeling off colour.  He certainly did justice to his dinner later.

Rufus kindly picked the cooking apple for us

adore him x

Sunday, Peter and Rufus put up a swing in the carport - ideal for autumn/winter play.  They plan to have it down off the oak tree too, the rest of the day was spent playing in the garden.

Laurie is trying hard to start walking, the odd step here and there, but he is standing unsupported for short spells.
Let me out
Look  no hands

and he's off


Wheelbarrow races

So that was our weekend.  It didn't go quite to plan, but then with children you can't have a plan, or sleep or a tidy house, BUT I would not change a thing about them, apart from I wished they lived closer.  Until the next time xx

25 September 2013

How long should a scarf be?

that's the question I have asked myself.  I am knitting a scarf for Rufus, he's 3, just how long do you make it? His Mummy says it just needs to go round his neck and have enough hanging each side!  The web says the same length and they are high.  I'm at the 40" stage and think that maybe I will go with 48" plus fringing each end.

I have cast on 29 stitches and have 3 knit stitches each side, but its still rolling in and I think its too wide, so plan to sew it together making a double sided skinny scarf, nice and warm but not too bulky.

I am happy to say I finished the long top which has featured in WIP Wednesday for too long.  If you haven't seen it yet then go here for a peek

Lots of projects in the pipeline.  I plan to take Laurie's ten stitch to knitting group tomorrow and do some work on that.  Then cast on a couple of cardigan requests.

Thought I would share this lovely sunset from Sunday evening, you would think this would herald a sunny day on Monday, but no, we never saw the sun all day, just lots of grey clouds, pretty much like it is today.

23 September 2013

My shades of grey

.....thats what I called this project which I've had been hanging around for a while.  Its finally finished and has received lots of lovely comments when I posted a picture on Facebook yesterday.

The yarn I used was King Cole Riot - 30% Wool 70% Premium Acrylic (whatever that is) - the yarn splits and also has a slight fluff to it.  It will be interesting to see how it washes.

The pattern is King Cole #3213 , which has 2 options.  A short top with a V neck and the long top with a round neck.  As you can see I went for the long top with a V neck!  Its a very easy pattern, I like the twisted rib - made by working into the back of the knit stitches.  What I didn't like was the neverending stocking stitch, so boring.

This long top is for our youngest daughter, who is on holiday at the moment, so hasn't seen the finish garment.  I hope she likes it.  It should fit over her growing tummy nicely. Hopefully she will model it for you when she gets back.  I did try it on myself but I can tell you I do not have the figure for it!

22 September 2013

Apples for autumn

What a beautiful day we have had in Cambridgeshire today.  Wall to wall sunshine.  Perfect weather to be tackling all those apples!!

Saturday's windfalls
there's more - Sunday's windfalls
We need to make juice
First you chop
then you process

then you press

you drink
then you go down the garden.............

pick some perfect ones for eating
then you shake the tree!!!
and start all over again but not before having some lunch

Homemade Soda bread
My soda bread, french butter, a soft sheep milk Brebis, and of course some juice and an apple
add to that some french fig jam - made this whilst on our recent holiday!
back to work
We finally made just under 4 gallons of juice.  The juice clears nicely once it settles you get some sediment, which you can see in the jug.  We freeze the juice and it keeps perfectly, just grab a bag out and defrost.