22 September 2013

Apples for autumn

What a beautiful day we have had in Cambridgeshire today.  Wall to wall sunshine.  Perfect weather to be tackling all those apples!!

Saturday's windfalls
there's more - Sunday's windfalls
We need to make juice
First you chop
then you process

then you press

you drink
then you go down the garden.............

pick some perfect ones for eating
then you shake the tree!!!
and start all over again but not before having some lunch

Homemade Soda bread
My soda bread, french butter, a soft sheep milk Brebis, and of course some juice and an apple
add to that some french fig jam - made this whilst on our recent holiday!
back to work
We finally made just under 4 gallons of juice.  The juice clears nicely once it settles you get some sediment, which you can see in the jug.  We freeze the juice and it keeps perfectly, just grab a bag out and defrost. 


  1. A 'how-to' just for me! We ordered our press today. I am excited. As for that lunch...Oh My! Perfection.

  2. The food always looks and sounds so good at your house. How did you find the time to make the soda bread?

  3. What a great idea to freeze the smaller amounts of juice! Enjoy!


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