21 September 2013

So simple slippers

The slippers are finished.  It was interesting to see how different yarn works on the same project.  The green yarn - Wendy Mistral took just 60 grams, but the Wendy Narvik took just over 96 grams.  I was beginning to worry that I wouldn't have enough.  They actually look much better on than they do off, but I hope the recipients like them.  My only worry is I get a flood of requests for these as they are going to be worn around my daughter's office by two of her colleagues!  This happened when I made slippers before, everyone wanted a pair.

I am pleased to report summer has returned, typical though, as I put the 9 tog duvet back on the bed.  Spent last night alternating between hot and cold, its England it won't last long.

Some pickings from the garden

Hoping to get out and try to tame some of the borders this weekend - going away is detrimental to the garden, its just runs riot, not helped by the fact that the weather has been wet since we got back.  Nevermind always something to do

Oh by the way - the long grey top is in its final stages - just the armbands to knit, then the sewing up, should have something to show you by the end of the weekend.  I won't be sorry to say goodbye to this project, reminds me why I normally only knit small things or blankets with a bit of interest, all that mind numbing stocking stitch........


  1. Your gardens are looking gorgeous! And the slippers look great, I'm sure they will love them.

  2. The slippers are so lovely, and what a sensational looking garden!

  3. The slippers have turned out well and whoever gets them should be proud and happy to wear them. All I can say about your garden is ......... fantastic as usual.


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