26 November 2013

Busy knitting

the needles are flashing at the moment, Christmas present knitting. I don't really have anything I can show you apart from a quick blurry peek.

I am also knitting Reindeer hats for the boys, the pattern is a free one from Yours Magazine.  I got one done for Rufus yesterday.  I am so pleased with this - the antlers are a bit wobbly, but I managed the crochet edge.  I am now scaling down the pattern so I can make one for Laurie too. They are coming to stay at the weekend so hopefully I can get them to model them.

My Christmas list still has a number of items on it, then I will be back to the cot blanket and ten stitch.

I just checked my projects on Ravelry, I have started 55 projects this year, of those only one is hibernating (Frilled Dress) and I have 3 WIPs (those mentioned above). I am pleased with my output and the fact that I have achieved so many finished projects.  What about you, how many projects have you achieved, and what is your favourite?  I think mine actually may be the current cot blanket, just for the happy colours, and its a joy to knit.


  1. That Reindeer hat is adorable! I'm looking forward to seeing them modelled. You are braver than me to try and figure out how to make a smaller version. I have the hardest time getting hats to fit, even when I'm following the instructions as written.

    I feel very ashamed reading about how many of your projects you have actually finished. Let's just say I have a few more WIPs (UFOs?) than you do. :-)

  2. Those reindeer hats are fantastic, very cute!

    I'm not doing any Christmas present knitting this year, I'll try to make my children something for their birthdays instead

  3. The reindeer hats are great! :-)

  4. I don't know how many I've made this year, but it feels like way few! Well done you, it's a great achievement.

  5. Good question! I looked and apparently started 18 projects this year. 2 were frogged, 2 are WIPs, and the rest are FOs! I feel like I haven't done a lot of knitting this year, so I think that's pretty good. I also finished 2 long languishing sweaters this year that I didn't start this year. I am happy to have finished those up.

    The reindeer hats are fabulous :)

  6. Wow, 55 means lot of knitting! Congratulation on your works!
    I love these WIPs, especially that reindeer hat :)


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