18 November 2013

Southwold - our annual return

Just back from our annual visit to Southwold and for once the weather let us down. I know you can't expect good weather in November but apart from a short time on the first Sunday we didn't see the sun until Tuesday late morning and spent time dodging rain and high winds and with two lively little boys to entertain it wasn't easy at times!  Plus we were all ill at some point, colds, sick, earache.............. the joy!

Southwold, suffolk, pier

Anyway to prove that we did have some fun here are a few photos. I took 470!

It was an eventful 5 days but when they left on Wednesday afternoon the house was very quiet.  Peter and I managed a good walk on Thursday and Friday - these I will share in future posts.  Saturday and Sunday   heralded the return of the dull mizzly weather.

There was also knitting done too and this I'll share on Wednesday.  So keep checking back for updates


  1. The two young boys look as though they are having a great time while the adults look frozen to their bones. But glad you and your family enjoyed the break. Sorry you were all poorly. Wishing you a very speedy recovery. xx

  2. I'm sorry this year's holiday let you down with both the weather and everyone's health. The pictures are lovely though - it was nice to see you squeezed in a bit of fun!

  3. Looks like the boys had fun despite the weather! Hope everyone is feeling better.


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