6 November 2013

WIP Wednesday

Wednesday again, and I have a new WIP to show you.

I finally started the Zig Zag Baby Blanket, you may remember I bought the yarn back in September.  I had originally planned to knit the Zig & Zag Blanket and bought the yarn accordingly, planning to substitute the 4 ply for DK.  I then came across the Zig Zag Baby Blanket and decided to knit this one for a change.  What I didn't check was the quantities of yarn, this pattern is designed to be done in aran/worsted weight so I knew I would have to adjust to get the measurements I wanted.

Rico Design Essentials Cotton DK
When I was 5 colours in I got the tape measure out and realised that I was never going to have enough yarn. Each colour is taking 30 grams, that would not leave enough for another repeat of the colours.  I have 11 colours - natural being used twice, and I want the finished blanket to be approximately 60" long, thus about 3 repeats!

So yesterday morning I got on the net and went to Sconch Textiles, where I had bought the original yarn and put an order in for another 9 balls. I'm very pleased to say the parcel was on my doorstep this afternoon, how is that for a prompt service?

I wasn't too sure about the colour combo when I started but as the blanket is growing, it is growing on me. I still have red, natural and pistachio to go before I start repeating.

Let me know what you think of it, and let me know if you too have ever underestimated yarn for a pattern.


  1. Lovely :) it will be a great blanket

  2. I love how bright those colours are. It looks really nice and happy! I think pretty much everyone has underestimated the amount of yarn required at some point. I did on a shawl that I had to make the small version of rather than the medium. I ended up just frogging the whole thing as I wasn't happy and couldn't get more yarn.

  3. I think the colours are terrific! I'm glad you were able to find more yarn. I am an over-estimator of yarn. I worry about running out, so always order a bit extra. When I was in Shetland I bought a baby jumper kit at J&S, and didn't buy an extra ball of the main colour. Sure enough, I didn't have enough, and am now waiting for my order for more to arrive so I can finish the sweater. It was an expensive mistake.

  4. I think the blanket is beautiful. I'm often short of yarn. :-) It's great if you can order again and get the same colour shade. But with stripes it's not that important.

  5. Amazing project! The color are so bright.

  6. That is coming long nicely. Glad you were able to get the extra yarn.

  7. Beautiful! What a happy blanket, I love your colour palette


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