14 December 2013

Beach walking

and so that beach walk, this walk takes us along the beach from Southwold, Easton Bavents, Covehithe, and on toward Kessingland.  There is lots of coastal erosion along this walk and it is sad to see with each year just how far inland the sea is going. If you look at the links above you can see just how close the homes are to the cliff edge and after the recent storm surge I expect even closer!

Anyway on to the walk, this little chap was sunning himself (actually not sure if it is a boy)

Some of the trees that have fallen over time, they do make for interesting drift wood but sad nevertheless

He just had to try!

Time to head back.....

Hi, still here

This is a picture that came from the BBC website of the damage to the beach after last weeks tidal surge, the beach has been breached and flooded into the marshes.

The same has happened on our other walk to Dunwich via the marshes.  Dunwich has always had a battle with the sea and I do wonder if the sea will eventually win all along this coastline, lets hope not

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  1. Beautiful images Sue.
    Mother Nature likes to remind us now and then as to just who is in charge.


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