4 December 2013

Feel like I'm running out of time

Do you ever get the feeling that life is in top speed?  That's how I am feeling right now. I looked at what I have to do over the next 3 weeks and there doesn't seem a whole lot of slack in there.

Still some of it is self imposed so I suppose I could just say give up, so without further ado those WIPs

I have 3 of these to make..... but maybe not, perhaps I'll have a rethink

Solved the problem of the curling brim.... I hope

These 2 still to finish....

Yarn for the Sheep suit

That Ten Stitch..... untouched

That cot blanket also untouched.....

Do you take on too much?


  1. One step at a time. And remember to breathe! (says she with 5 WIPS, too much work, filthy homes, etc.)
    I am quite curious about the sheep suit.

  2. It's always a fine balance trying to decide which things are absolutely necessary, and which can be put aside. I often wonder why we put ourselves under so much pressure at this time of the year.

  3. You are doing great, those hats are so close ... and adorable might I add!

  4. What a lovely projects! I hope not everything has to be done by Christmas? Those heads.. so funny and wonderful!

  5. That's the story of my life! If you happen upon my blog it will be evident immediately! Good luck! What great projects you are working on.

  6. Lovely projects! Especially the hats are soo pretty. And for the others: step by step.

  7. I know what you mean about running out of time .. I'm almost done crocheting for the girls but haven't even started on the boys yet! I tend to "put off" what I'm unsure about..guys would rather have tools than yarnie things. LOL

  8. Oh I love your hats they are adorable. I love all you projects and yes I seem to take on too much also. B

  9. I always take on too much but it usually has to do with the holiday meals. I like to make everything from scratch. Good luck in finishing as many WIPs as possible.


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