17 December 2013

finishing off

I have made a promise to myself to complete all my WIP's by the end of the year, its doable.  I just have a couple of inches left on the cot blanket, and 3 rounds on the Ten Stitch.

I can start the new year with a matching cushion cover and tie-backs to go with the cot blanket, I have plenty of yarn over so at least it should use most of it up.  I then need to crack on with a couple more cardigans for the forth-coming baby..... exciting

I finished the Conundrum Scarflette - it needs blocking, but very happy with how this turned out.  The yarn was some King Cole Riot that was left over from another project.

Inspired by my daughter, I made a wreath for the door. Check out her new blog, its got lots of interesting project, recipes, something for everyone, its called Really Pretty Useful, don't forget to tell her I sent you.


  1. Love your scarflette, its going to look gorgeous when the lacey bits are blocked out. Fab wreath too, so much better than something you'd get in a shop

  2. love that scarflette. it is wonderful.

  3. Beautiful stuff as usual. Love the wreath! I should be knitting right now but am online...so sad...

  4. oh, my---caught up??!!! I can't imagine ever being caught up on anything!!! (let alone KNITTING UFOs!!!!!!) Way to go!!!

  5. I am in awe of your determination to finish all your WIPs by the end of the year. It would take me to the end of the year just to locate all of mine, never mind finish them! :-)


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