26 December 2013

How was yours?

Christmas that is.  We had a good one. Little ones make it so much more fun, especially when they get so excited and understand what it is all about now.  As usual they had far too many presents, and it was a case of what to play with next.

We are finally on our own (for a short while) after a house full.  I'm catching up online and hubby is napping, full of ham, eggs and chips (fries).  I only cook chips once maybe twice a year as I can't stand the smell so it is always a treat.

Here is our Christmas in photos - trying to get a photo of the Christmas eve PJ's, we went through these ......

.........to finally get this, not the best but at least they weren't fighting or picking noses!

Then Christmas Day

The Gator went down well.....

Let me drive!!

Boxing Day walk with Rachel and Stu

The little boys will be back tomorrow afternoon for the weekend, chance to get out on the Gator again, think that Rufus may have a fight on his hands to get into the driving seat!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and that you haven't had to go back to work too soon.  We are off til 2 Jan, so plenty of time for eating up those leftovers and walking them off too.


  1. Love the profile shot of Rachel!

  2. ...and would you be surprised to know that some of those same toys showed up at our Christmas?!!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy your weekend with the boys!

  4. Merry CHristmas Sue! Looks like a wonderful time had by all.


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