30 December 2013

Taking a little break

I've been knitting all day, the weather was awful first thing so we didn't rush to get up.  A luxury of tea in bed with our books,  we then decided to have a brunch of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon washed down with a couple of bucks fizz,  it felt quite naughty.

My plan is to have Laurie's Ten Stitch blanket finished by the end of 2013...... running out of time... I am on the final round but getting stiff hands today, hence the break right now.

Things are quiet here after having the little boys for the weekend, they certainly keep us on our toes now. Luckily the weather was good, cold but dry so we were able to get outside for a while.  Rufus is into pirate ships and Fireman Sam.  Pops built him what turned out to be a ship one end and a fire engine the other according to Rufus

the slide improvises as a firemans pole
Off on a treasure hunt


wearing boots 3 sizes too big for him!!

Eating the loot

I took so many photographs this weekend that its impossible to show or decide which to include, so you will have to make do with these.

Right break over and off for a bit more knitting

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  1. So much fun and creativity.
    (Give yourself 12 extra hours hours on the 10 stitch. Just pretend you live in Hawaii.)


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