23 December 2013

Trimming the trees

and decking the halls, so to speak.  We have 2 trees at our abode, one in the garden room (fresh) and one in the lounge (fake), this is how they are looking this year. You will note we go traditional - red, green, and gold.

What do you favour - fresh or fake - traditional or otherwise?

The fresh one

The room gets a trim too........

my pom pom wreath 

had to sneak him in too
We then go indoors........

the fake one

Some of the decorations we have had for years, some come from overseas, some relatively new.  I can't believe I actually didn't buy any this year.

I think we are ready, trees dressed, presents wrapped, shopping done.  I plan to make ready the bedrooms today, then start the baking - mince pies, sausage rolls, paneforte, and all will be ready to welcome our family home for Christmas.  I have been assigned the amusement of little boys on Christmas day, sounds fine to me, while Peter and the girls do dinner. Tim, I imagine will be in his normal place curled up asleep on the sofa!!!

Happy Christmas everyone


  1. It looks lovely! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Your grandsons are at the perfect age, and should be loads of fun on Christmas day. Enjoy!

  2. It's all so beautiful Sue. I wish you and Peter and all the family the most joyous Christmas.


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