8 December 2013

Weekend roundup

Whilst I know the weekend isn't over, I plan to put my feet up this afternoon, so I thought I would share what I have achieved over the last few days.

I made a decision on the scarves, they aren't happening. I will finish the one I have started and keep it either for myself or save it as a gift for someone else.  The sheep costume is completed, its amazing, even if I say so myself

I also finished the remaining reindeer hats

Yesterday we had a day out, did some christmas shopping and then went to the Mill Road Winter Fair,  it was a good day, dry, and at times bright, lots of good things - to eat, buy, music, company and chat.  I only had my small camera with me so these photos aren't the best.

 Bit of yarn bombing on the railway bridge

Today we have spent the morning in the garden clearing leaves and starting some border tidying.  I have updated the Our Garden page with some new photos.

So there you have it our weekend and its still not over


  1. I can't wait to see that sheep costume being modelled!

  2. It is amazing. And I do say so Myself.

  3. The sheep costume and the reindeer hats -- all so adorable!


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