12 December 2013

Whilst at Southwold last month

I remembered that I hadn't shared some views from the walks we took whilst at Southwold.

One that we enjoy to do is to Dunwich via Westwood Lodge and back to Southwold through the marshes. Its a good walk approximately 12 miles or so round trip.  This year we were lucky to spot lots of fungi. Here is a compilation of the day

We followed a new trail through Dunwich Forest which I think was called St Helena Trail, it was interesting due to the storms that had run through at the end October, which made the going a bit difficult at times

Spot of lunch at the pub

Then on through the marshes

Some of the locals

Back along the harbour

To follow will be our beach walk........

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  1. What a wonderful walk in a gorgeous setting. I love your mushroom pictures!


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