12 January 2014

Family - Baby shower Saturday

We had a surprise baby shower yesterday. Our barn was the venue for yet another wonderful family/friends party. We have spent the last few weeks arranging the party, trying Stu has been trying to prevent Rachel buying too much baby stuff.  We wanted it to be a surprise and I think we succeeded, especially when she turned up at the house yesterday afternoon dressed to help in the garden!!  There was shock, smiles, tears and hugs.  Friends came from near and far to join in the fun.

Rebecca was the main instigator of the party for her sister. She isn't one for games so we knew it would be fairly low key. However, she came up trumps with her party.  She asked Rachel's friends to provide some words of wisdom and encouragement and these were put into a notebook for reading when times get tough or she wants a smile.  We decorated drinking straws with moustaches or crowns so that everyone could make their choice depending on what they thought the gender of the baby would be.  Then the piece de resistance was to paint a baby vest.  Rachel's friends took to this amazingly well and produced some beautiful work.  Who knew there was so much talent out there.

So without further ado here are some photos of the afternoon

Rebecca, Ellen & Anne
Cara and Gemma
Rachel & Stu
Katie, Claire & Rachel

Nikki, Claire & Jo
Stu's mum Jan and Grandma Peggy
Gemma, Rachel, Emma, Carla & Cara

The gifts

Can you believe this doll has a pregnant stomach which revolves to remove the baby!!  Gross

Mel & Lucy, recognise the hat?
Vest gallery
Thank you to everyone who came to make this a special afternoon for Rachel.


  1. What a wonderful time. I am so very happy for all of you.
    Your blankets of course got my attention right away and those onsies....how delightfully painted!
    Not too long now.

  2. My hat is off to Rachel, ready for gardening and faced with a party! great poise, and she enjoyed the afternoon.


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