2 January 2014

Knitting - The decks are cleared

At long last Laurie's Ten Stitch blanket is finished.  Not on New Year Eve as planned but New Years Day. A friend suggested I gave myself an extra 12 hours and pretend I lived in Hawaii, good idea.

The final measurement was 50" square and it used 1600 grams of yarn, most of it was oddments from my stash, so my cupboard is a bit lighter! The pattern is here, its great this is my 9th one!

It is great to have the decks cleared, lots of plans for knitting in 2014, so wishing you all a Happy New Year.


  1. The Ten Stitch blanket is beautiful! Congrats on clearing your decks for 2014. I'm afraid I can't make the same claim!

  2. Love your blanket! How satisfying to clear the decks:)

  3. Beautiful blanket! I love the colors you chose

  4. Wow, what a blanket! Happy New Year to you and yours Sue!


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