19 April 2014

Easter Saturday........ where I didn't get any jeans

We went into Cambridge today, mainly just for a mooch around the shops but I did think I might like to get myself some new jeans.

I normally buy my jeans from M&S, liking the Roma bootleg ones from Per Una, good fit and just the right amount of flare on the leg. Whilst they had some of the ones I normally buy, they only had really dark blue and I prefer medium indigo. Because when I find jeans I like I buy a couple of pairs, I've not needed any for a while. Herein lies the problem.  Styles have changed.  The leg shapes are different.  Bootleg has become more flared, straight, skinny, jeggings?!!...... I tried on lots.  I am pleased to say I'm still in the same size, but couldn't decide on the leg width.  The straight looked ok until I put my old ones on then its no, can't do it.

We then headed for GAP, their bootleg were even more flared and their sizes are all over the place.  I am somewhere between 2 sizes, their straights are a bit wider than M&S, but I still wasn't happy.  So very hot and bothered I decided to give up and go home in my old jeans.

I will need to do some measuring of leg width and a bit of online research to try and find what I'm looking for.  Where do you buy your jeans?  What leg style do you like?

Today turned out better than expected and we got some more gardening done.  I lined and filled my planter boxes.  Cooked a ham for tomorrow and generally had a fiddle about.  The weather is looking more promising for tomorrow so we may just get that Easter Egg Hunt......

I got a cute photo of Jessica wearing her orange cardigan, but I say she didn't look too happy about it would be an understatement!


  1. Poor Jessica. She should be happy to have such a fun sweater, and it goes perfectly with her outfit!

    I hate clothes shopping. The last jeans I bought were my usual brand, but the style had changed and I find I'm always having to pull them up. Yuck.

  2. When I saw Jessica's expression about the beautiful new cardi, I thought ah, the fashionista thinks this is not the in color this season...she's lovely, just wanted to reach in and pick her up!

  3. I am in the same predicament with jeans. I last bought some a few years ago and got several pairs. I have loved those jeans, and since they were a fairly major brand thought I could replace them when needed. Well, the ones I own are now looking pretty worn out, so last time I was visiting my mom I went back to the store where I got the original ones. They had the same brand and the jeans were called the same thing, but they weren't the same at all. The worst thing they had done was change the fabric. They used to be denim except for the waistband, which was a stretch denim. I despise stretch denim, but was willing to overlook it if it was just the waistband. Now the jeans are all stretch denim. Ugh. I am going to have to find a replacement and I'm not sure where to look. Maybe Lands End or LL Bean, but if I do mail order and they don't fit I am stuck mailing them back.

  4. I love the cheery cardigan you made for Jessica!

    I absolutely hate shopping for jeans. It was my turn last month. I tried on about 10 different styles in various shops and finally settled, a little reluctantly, on some from M&S. I bought 3 pairs, took them home - one fitted reasonably, though they are rather too flared, one was way too tight and the third fell off me. Checked the labels again and, you've guessed it, they were all size 12 regular. I held them together and the largest pair were almost 4 inches bigger on the hips than the smallest ones. So I've just pinched my husband's Wranglers - he can have the Per Unas! LOL!

  5. Jeans are hard. You have my sympathies. Once you go skinny you won't go back. Revelation to me!


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