21 April 2014

Easter Sunday - a birthday and a hunt

April 20th is Peter's birthday and this year it just happen to fall on Easter Sunday.  Perfect day for a family get together.  The weather wasn't brilliant but we did manage to do the Easter Hunt in the dry and get in and out for a while.  All grandchildren were sporting their hand knits which warms my heart!

I had help finishing the birthday cake. Rufus had requested that it had to have marshmallows and chocolate chips.  I added some fresh strawberries to counter the sweetness.  Candle placement was a bit haphazard

I managed to get some photos of the birthday boy and our grandchildren, as you will see its not easy to get everyone looking the right way!!!


  1. Lovely family photos, Sue! The ones with your husband and all three grandchildren are especially precious.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Peter!!

  3. I think the cake turned out perfectly! Your helper did a fabulous job.

  4. Happy birthday to Peter. What a beautiful family you have.

  5. The new baby has seemed to aged Rufus to a real little boy! Happy Birthday to Peter from all of us!


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