11 April 2014

Family - the littlies

This week I have got to spend lots of time with Jessica and all day today with the boys.  I feel truly blessed.

We've had fun today, I know more than I care too about dinosaurs, its funny how a nearly 4 year old can be so bowled over with dinosaurs.  Whilst Laurie was squashing the cat Rufus started on his lecture

We went to town for a bit of shopping and a wander round.  Rufus declined the park, saying he couldn't be bothered with the swings ?!

Just look at this cheeky face!

Making short work of frozen fruit lollies

Raw carrot!  He had just eaten a chocolate krispie and a handful of mini eggs

and then they went digging for dinosaur bones

and what about Miss Jessica.  As I say I have seen lots of her this week but only inflicted her with the camera once.  She is happy to smile.


  1. And that is just the best bit of being a Granny. Looks like you had the most perfect time!

  2. Your heart must be overflowing, Sue! I hope you planted some dinosaur bones in your garden. And those smiles on little Jessica are precious!


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