13 April 2014

Gardening - where did 2 days go?

Amazing how quickly a day goes by when you spend it in the garden.  Yesterday, was tidy up time, grass, borders, edges.  And time to enjoy the late sunshine and listen to the bees in the cherry trees.  If all the blossoms set it will be a bumper year for fruit.

See the very light stripe? The mower had a problem and scalped the lawn!

Today, Sunday - was spent painting a chicken coop which I have bought for Peter.  Its his 62nd birthday on Easter Sunday and he fancies another foray into the world of chickens. Our last experience was brought to an abrupt close by Mr Fox.  We are hoping that this time will be better.  We plan just 2 hens, which I hope will be happy in their new home.  It was a flat pack, which we started painting last weekend.  It went together very quickly, and we are very happy with the end result.  This is the one we went for.  This is what it looks like painted up.  Luckily I had plenty of paint left from doing the boys playhouse.

Its light enough to move around, so we are hoping they will keep the weeds down on any piece of garden not in use!

Things are moving on in the greenhouse

And our reward for a job well done...... last bottle of rose from France.  Not too long before we can restock

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  1. Sue, your garden looks absolutely lovely. And I love the new chicken coop. So fun! Hope the fox stays away.

  2. You have a beautiful garden. My daughter has a tree full of white blossom in her new garden, I did wonder if it is a cherry tree.
    Good luck with your chickens, I think they'll really like their new house.

  3. Your garden is looking terrific! That little chicken coop is the cutest thing ever. It makes me wish we could have chickens where we live. :-)


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