18 April 2014

Good Friday...

We've had hot x buns. We've done some clearing up in the garden, cut back some trees. Got the washing and shopping done. But do you know the sad thing, all week the weather has been beautiful, warm and bright, but after an initial burst, the sun has been hiding behind low cloud, and its cold! The forecast for the rest of the Easter long weekend, is not too bad tomorrow, but Sunday and Monday wet wet wet.  Looks like the Easter Egg Hunt will have to take place indoors unless we go out in wellies and umbrellas.

The new girls are settled into their home, still camera shy, but I did manage to take a few snaps. They are Goldlines  and I got them from Cambridge Poultry in Bottisham.

I'm working away on my knitting, doing some cable work, then some plain, I have the sleeves done, half way up the front and cast on the back.  I don't normally knit this way!

And because I've not shown you Jess for a few days, here she is, taken last night

Have a great Easter


  1. Happy Easter to you and you family, Sue! I hope the weather doesn't end up being as bad as predicted. We are having a very quiet Easter. Kellen and Anita were supposed to come out, but Anita is sick so they have cancelled. I have a fridge full of food and only two of us to eat it. :-)

  2. Yesterday was really chilly here too, I was out in the garden well wrapped up. Your chickens look happy to be in their new home. Happy Easter!


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