25 April 2014

Imagination and a few boxes

Today we have been in the land of the dinosaurs - for a change!

Take a cardboard box, 2 egg boxes, some sticky tape and a bag of dinosaurs from the charity shop and I give you Dino World

Its amazing what you can rustle up with a bit of thought.  I can't believe that its still in one piece especially as Laurie was having more fun than his brother. I think Ru was off colour today, grumpy and complaining, not his normal self.  I guess it didn't help that it has rained all day and we were stuck indoors.

At least this little one was happy

Rachel and Jessica came to visit so that brighten us up.

Pops was very late home and the boys were in the bath by the time he got in, so he was only available for story time.  I had worried that we would have trouble getting them to bed but no, all went well and its very quiet up there. Lets hope they sleep late.............. ha ha who am I kidding.


  1. You are one very creative lady!
    And that photo of R and J.....Oh my, beautiful!

  2. I'd patent your Dino World quickly, before Lego get hold of it.
    Looks great fun!

  3. That is awesome! It is amazing how sometimes the low tech tings are the most fun.

  4. Boxes are the best! and that pic of the baby is just lovely. What a beautiful child.


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