2 April 2014

Knitting & Gardening - WIP Wednesday and a birthday

Happy Birthday Granny's World
Today is my blog's 5th birthday, I can't believe I have been blogging so long. Over those 5 years, we've had a wedding, 3 grandchildren, some milestone birthdays, lots of gardening, lots of knitting, some good holiday's, and most important new friends.  I value all the comments from my readers, and I know some of you have been around for some time, thank you.  Also thank you to the readers from Facebook and Bloglovin.

Now on to today's WIP's.

First we have some Tour de France bunting, for more details and pattern go here.  I plan to knit more and am fitting them in between other projects

Next is this cute cardigan for Jessica, the pattern is from the Love Knitting for Baby April/May issue.  I'm actually further on than this photo shows, whilst picking up the yoke last night I managed to snap one of my Knit Pro interchangeable, not happy.

My other WIP is the garden.  I finally got to clear the last border yesterday afternoon, 4 more bags.  Now I need to re-cut the edges and replace and renew some planting.

Planted some more seeds and some from last week are starting to pop through.

Reading - Change of Altitude by Anita Shreve - not her best but its ok. To be honest I'm so tired when I get to bed I don't really get a good run at reading before nodding off.


  1. Jess is going to be the very best outfitted baby around.
    Happy, Happy Blogiversary!

  2. Wow you are just so busy!! Congratulations on your blog anniversary !

  3. Congratulations with the 5th aniversary of your blog. Well done!
    Lovely post, I love the pots and pans with the plants 'to be'. Wish you luck with them.

  4. Your garden progress looks lovely! My yard is still covered in snow - hopefully that will be gone this week though and I can think about getting outside a bit!

  5. Happy blogiversary! That little cardigan is very cute. I'm just finishing a little vest for Lucy, but it is turning out to be not quite as little as I had wanted, so she might have to wait until next fall to wear it. Oh well, better too big than too small.

  6. Congratulations with the 5th aniversary of your blog too. It's a long time. Nice projects here, lovely garden and plants ... a lot of inspiration! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Happy blogiversary! Your knitting projects are really cute. But I can't get over your garden. I long to be gardening, but we have snow in our forecast and we still have a foot or so of the white stuff on the ground. I may just have to move south.

  8. Seeing your little seedlings popping up makes me feel quite guilty for the way I let mine dry out and die. I think I will try again.

  9. Hello, I'm popping in from Knit One, Raised 4. Love your knitting creations!! Happy 5 year anniversary (glad I finally found you). You had me with those garden pics! Seeds coming up already?? That's a sight for sore winter eyes. Greetings from South Dakota, and hope you'll stop over at Sall's Country life sometime!


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