3 April 2014

Knitting - never to young to join a craft group!

Jessica came along to the Medway Craft Group this afternoon with her Mummy.  Mummy was hoping to work on her quilt, I think she managed about 40 minutes.

Jess had some cuddles before crashing out in her chair for a while.......

with Maggie
with Megan
this didn't last too long
 Unfortunately, the room was very hot and this little one got very hot and bothered so we headed home a bit early, but to be honest she wasn't in the best of moods today.  I did manage a few photos before she decided enough was enough and went home.  Typical to say that she was asleep before they had hardly left the village

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  1. The ladies at your craft group were no doubt thrilled to see Jessica, even if she did get a bit fussy. She is the sweetest little baby!


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