24 April 2014

Knitting - Third time lucky

I really have a problem with shawl collars.  Twice I pinned, sewed and unpicked last night. I was so cross I nearly took the scissors to it.  Slept on it then got up early and started again.  Amazing what fresh eyes achieve.  Its still not perfect but a whole lot better than last nights efforts.  I can't see me making another shawl collar in a while (ever). Details here and here

and because its Thursday here is Miss J. We went shopping this afternoon, she slept, she fed and was very good.  Charmed all the assistants in M&S.


  1. Your shawl collar needs to be sewn onto the other side over the first part on the left of the photo so they overlap. It is a cute sweater. Your grand-daughter is just gorgeous.

  2. Oh dear, is whatever I've got catching?
    I'm only making a little hat for my grandson and I've obviously not read the pattern properly so I've got to undo some of that.

  3. I love shawl collars!! Worth the effort for the wow they give. Darling sweater and it looks perfect.


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