27 May 2014

Knitting - all in a day

Yesterday, was a public holiday.  Time to do what you want.  Unfortunately, I went down with the "family sickness bug" in the early hours of Monday morning, so spent the day on the sofa in the barn with some knitting, mint tea and dry crackers.  It was a productive knitting day.  I chose an Aran weight project which would knit up fast, though I hadn't actually expected it to be quite so quick.

We listened to Dark Fire by C J Sansom - one of the Shardlake series - very good especially when read by Anton Lesser just love his voice.

Pattern -  Ribbed Baby Cardigan by Debbie Bliss - link to FOC pattern.  Only modification I made was to add a buttonhole rather than use a press stud

Yarn - Kirkton House Craft - Rustic Aran - from Aldi - colourway Grape

Button - from  Granny's button tin -  I have dipped into this tin many times over the years since Peter's grandmother gave me her button tin.  The boys love going through it and finding "treasure"

25 May 2014

Knitting - Provence Cardigan

Up early this morning so I completed my latest project

Yarn - Rico Essential Cotton DK
Buttons - charity shop

My modifications to this pattern were to knitted the front bands as I went. So much easier than picking up and knitting bands.  The one thing in knitting I really  hate is picking up. I'm never really happy with the results, trying to judge that you have the stitches evenly spaced. Does anyone have any good tips?

My yarn arrived on Friday, so happy with the colours. So happy that I have found a UK stockist for this yarn too - Wool Warehouse.  Prompt service too, and cheaper than a flight to the USA - where I first found it - but not so much fun! Can you believe its a year since we last went. For memories of that trip check here, here and here.  I am hoping that we can get together again in 2014 or if not early 2015.

Rufus wants this one for a scarf

24 May 2014

Family - wet day in May

Today it has rained, boy has it rained.  We had the boys overnight and they were getting a bit stir crazy so we decided just to let them out once it had eased off a bit.  Lets face it a bit of rain never hurt anyone.  Thats what washing machines and tumble dryers are for, right?

If it rains too hard our carport has a tendency to flood, due to the water butts not coping, they found this perfect for sailing their boats

Prior to going out Laurie and I did some baking.  I bought some dinosaur moulds, not sure they were a great success!!

I firstly overfilled them - they stuck a bit - but tasted ok
Love them xxx

23 May 2014

Family - Miss J is 3 months

Can you believe that Miss J has been with us 3 months, well actually it was yesterday, but I didn't have time to post. She is changing so much as the weeks go by.  Its such a pleasure to be able to see her on a regular basis.
3 months
I popped the boys up to see her and Aunty Rachel this morning, bless her she was so excited to see them.  I didn't have my camera handy so you will just have to believe me.

Whilst we were out I missed a parcel. I do believe it may be my latest yarn acquisition.  When Laurie wakes from his nap we will pop over and collect it.  Photos later!

19 May 2014

Some stash busting

I bet by the title of this post you thought I was talking about yarn.  But no, hubby got to do some stash busting yesterday when we built a permanent run for the 'girls'.

He has wood, screws/nails, and various odds and ends of ironmongery in his 'man cave'. He can usually put his hands on what he needs.  Its a case of "you never know when that will come in handy" with him.  I call it junk or a huge mess........ anyway back to the run.

The only item purchased for this run was a roll of chicken wire which cost £32.00, and we still have a fair bit left.  The project took the whole of the day to build and install.  It was good to work on something together. There were only a few cross words, which was a bonus.  I even got to dig a post hole, just to prove that I could.

We gave the girls the run of the garden whilst we got on, though they did need to be steered away from the veg patch a few times!

Today I spent the afternoon painting the gate and posts.  One thing I learnt is not to wear "crocs" with inquisitive chickens about.  My toes appeared to be very appealing, forcing a footwear change mid job!!

Anyway here is the finished run complete with some Harley Davidson bunting (found this in his man cave, it was liberated from a rally a few years ago, some beer had been drunk), hopefully the flapping will distract any would be predators

Not a bad days work if I say so myself and hopefully the girls will enjoy the extra space to run around

17 May 2014

Walk through my week

Its been an odd week.  One in which I've not felt too well, chest infection.  The garden is producing some lovely blooms. We've been walking.  Also the weather has been weird, hail, cold, warm, getting warmer, hot resulting in Migraine yesterday.

 Here are some photos from my week


escaped again
 Thursday - Miss J sporting her new sunhat

Grafham Water yesterday.  I should have worn a hat and drunk more, hence the Migraine, only me to blame. 8.5 miles all way round a good walk and suitable for pushing a pram

alfresco nappy change

lunch spot views

A finished project

Pattern - Boheme by Allegra Wermuth
Yarn - Caron Simply Soft
Buttons - from button stash

Have a great weekend in the sun and make sure you wear your hat and drink lots, I will try to practice what I preach!