24 May 2014

Family - wet day in May

Today it has rained, boy has it rained.  We had the boys overnight and they were getting a bit stir crazy so we decided just to let them out once it had eased off a bit.  Lets face it a bit of rain never hurt anyone.  Thats what washing machines and tumble dryers are for, right?

If it rains too hard our carport has a tendency to flood, due to the water butts not coping, they found this perfect for sailing their boats

Prior to going out Laurie and I did some baking.  I bought some dinosaur moulds, not sure they were a great success!!

I firstly overfilled them - they stuck a bit - but tasted ok
Love them xxx

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  1. Seeing boys play in puddles is just so fun.
    My they have grown so.


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