4 May 2014

Gardening - the birds and the bees

All go in our garden again this weekend.  Yesterday we removed so of the ivy from the back and side of the house.  You know its time when it starts growing over the windows!

Then today we have been clearing some overhanging branches from the bottom of the garden whilst trying to avoid some visitors.

Our neighbours have 2 beehives.  One swarmed on Tuesday but by the time I had raised the alarm they were long gone. This morning there was lots of activity along the fence line and by the time I had got Leslie round they had taken up residence in our beech hedge.

this shot was taken with my short lens
Leslie wasn't able to remove the queen on his own so decided to wait til his daughter was home and then try again.

The following photos were taken with my long lens, though the bees seemed quite happy at this point.

We carried on clearing up

Then along came Abigail and collection commenced

It was fascinating to watch from a distance.

Peter and girls getting friendly, one is happier than the other to pick up.

So those remaining bees were pretty ticked off once their queen was taken away.  I was trying to water my greenhouse and got 2 bees in my hair, freaked out completely and ended up having to run away. Peter tried to finish and got stung twice, to add to an earlier sting, then chased up the garden.  We are waiting till later to go back down.

And this is his other injury, had a argument with a saw!!  Gardening really can be quite hazardous!


  1. Oh my goodness, what a weekend you've had. I don't mind bees in small doses, but a swarm of bees like that would freak me out I think.

  2. Crikey! Ive never considered how youd go about collecting a swarm and much as I love bees...........id stay indoors and watch too!

  3. I wouldnt be anywhere near those bees since I am allergic. The saw incident looks painful too. Maybe you need to stay inside for a bit until the bees are gone.

  4. So I hope you get some honey later in the year ....

  5. Fritz had an argument with a saw this weekend too. I wonder how come the saws win more arguments with men than the wives do?!


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